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Real Estate Lawyer Joliet IL

Do I need a real estate attorney?

Purchasing real estate is a huge investment that requires a professional attorney for a successful transaction. Unfortunately, many home buyers believe they can buy property without the help of a real estate attorney. Hiring a real estate attorney is vital since it ensures your rights aren’t jeopardized, and nothing goes wrong. They also provide invaluable…
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Felonies and Misdemeanors Defense Attorney

When to hire a criminal defense attorney

Finding a criminal defense attorney immediately after an arrest can be extremely beneficial to your case. Getting a lawyer immediately following an arrest may not possible, therefore contacting an attorney at the earliest available opportunity is imperative to a solid and sound defense. Shortly after your release, you will receive a court date. This court…
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White collar crime defense attorney in Joliet Illinois

I’ve been arrested, now what do I do?

If you or your loved one have been arrested for a criminal charge, it’s vital to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. First, you need to call a criminal attorney right away before speaking to the police because you may incriminate yourself. Second, you have a right to remain silent. Thus, it’s advisable to…
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criminal defense attorney joliet

Search and seizure laws

As a defendant, you may be subject to unreasonable search and seizure by law enforcement. This means a police officer violated your privacy rights by searching your items and belongings without probable cause and no warrant. In such cases, a criminal attorney can help you find a constitutional remedy. The exclusionary rule is one remedy…
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Criminal defense lawyers in Joliet IL

Hiring a criminal attorney

When you are looking to hire a criminal attorney, it’s essential you choose the right one for your specific case and requirements. When hiring a criminal defense attorney, ensure you settle for an experienced and reliable one. Here are some tips to help you get an experienced criminal attorney. Go through the attorney’s previous cases…
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White collar crime defense attorney in Joliet Illinois

What do you need to know about the marijuana laws in Illinois?

If you live in Illinois, you may be wondering what the local cannabis laws are. Marijuana was recently legalized in the state, and this change occurred in 2019. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t regulations that you will need to abide by. Here’s what you need to know to legally consume cannabis in the state…
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License Reinstatement Joliet IL

Seeking to have your driver’s license reinstated?

If your driver’s license has been revoked, then living your life the way you want to can be so difficult. To work towards reinstatement, you’ll need to have scheduled an administrative hearing with the Secretary of State. Our experienced attorneys can help prepare you for this. We can consider the questions you’re likely to be…
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Adoption Attorney in IL

Adoption: a great gift

The adoption of a baby or young child is a great gift. It creates a winning situation for all involved: the adoptive parents, the child, and the birth mother. Adoption is also a somewhat complex situation from a legal perspective. A good family lawyer can provide peace of mind during the sometimes winding journey of…
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DUI attorney in joliet IL

If you’re charged with DUI this holiday season

If you do happen to be charged with a DUI, it can lead to very serious consequences. This could include a permanent revocation of your license, and it’s not unknown for it to also result in jail time. A DUI charge uses a very detailed procedure that police officers must follow correctly. Key areas can…
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Divorce attorney

Worried about allocation of parental responsibilities in a break-up?

If a marriage or relationship ends, this is a stressful and worrying time for all parties. This is particularly true if children are involved; with two parents who may be at odds on how both parental responsibilities and parenting time issues can be resolved as fairly as possible. Often, to be frank, parents are not…
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