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Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer in IL

Do I need a criminal attorney for online offenses?

With the rise of the internet, you no longer have to commit a crime in person to be charged. If you are charged with a typical piracy offense, which may involve the illegal download of games, music, movies, or videos, you could find yourself facing jail time. Additionally, online fraud, online prostitution, and online harassment,…
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White collar crime defense attorney in Joliet Illinois

Tips for hiring a criminal attorney

Hiring a criminal attorney is something that you must be smart about. When searching for one, seek out an attorney that has extensive experience. They should have successfully defended others who have been charged with the same crime you have. If criminal law is his or her specialty, you have a better chance of winning…
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Divorce attorney

Involved in a parenting time or responsibilities situation?

If child custody and visitation rights have initially been determined during divorce proceedings, that doesn’t mean that circumstances won’t change. Perhaps one parent wants to modify the initial order, may be moving out of the area, or another parenting dispute may have arisen. Often the reaction to this can be frustration, or even raw anger.…
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Do I need a Prenup agreement

Should I agree to a prenup?

It’s a question our team is sometimes asked, and it’s such a difficult one to answer. The reason being – we appreciate it’s a very personal decision. What we can do, is offer a full description of what a prenup is and how it works. We can talk about some of the reasons why it…
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Divorce attorney

When it’s over, it’s not really over

We’re talking of divorce here. Often people talk as if the day a divorce judgement is handed down is the end of a relationship. Often, it may be, but not, for example, when there are children involved in the equation. Sadly, disputes involving their off-spring can still arise between a divorced couple. These can be…
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Juvenile defense attorney

Why an experienced attorney is vital for Juvenile cases

Any criminal case is a traumatic, anxious, even frightening, experience for those involved – and this is heightened when it involves a juvenile. With a son or daughter facing criminal charges, both they and their immediate family are in the spotlight, and find themselves involved in a process of which they almost certainly have no…
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real estate attorney IL

How a real estate attorney can make you feel ‘at home’

If you are involved in buying or selling a property, especially if it’s a new or infrequent occurrence for you, we appreciate that this can be a fraught experience. To help you feel ‘right at home’ with the whole process, it pays to benefit from those with expertise in oversight of real estate contracts. This…
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Need a criminal Attorney Joliet IL

Tips on how to identify a good criminal defense attorney

It is easy to find a criminal attorney, but it is not easy to find one who suits you and your lawsuit. Criminal cases are not easy; a single mistake can land you behind bars. You, therefore, need to hire a reliable criminal defense attorney who understands local laws. Below are tips on how to…
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Defense Attorney in Joliet Illinois

How a criminal attorney can help you

A criminal attorney is an expert who deals with issues surrounding criminal investigation, charges, sentencing, arrest, and appeals. If a hefty fine or long jail term is staring at you, then it is prudent to hire an experienced criminal attorney. Below is how a criminal attorney can help you. Negotiate your plea A competent criminal…
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