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White collar crime defense attorney in Joliet Illinois

When to hire a criminal defense attorney

Finding a criminal defense attorney immediately after an arrest can be extremely beneficial to your case. Getting a lawyer immediately following an arrest may not possible, therefore contacting an attorney at the earliest available opportunity is imperative to a solid and sound defense. Shortly after your release, you will receive a court date. This court…
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Juvenile defense attorney

Did you violate your probation?

Probation is a type of punishment that allows people convicted of a crime to remain relatively freer than they would be if they were to serve jail time. However, if you’re on probation, there are certain rules and conditions you should strictly adhere to. For example, depending on your terms, traveling to a different country…
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Defense Attorney in Joliet Illinois

Getting your drivers license reinstated

Once the State of Illinois revokes a driver’s license, the privileges are not automatically reinstated after a set period. To obtain a restricted permit and then regain a full driver’s license, there’s a process to be followed. There will involve the scheduling of an administrative hearing with the Secretary of State and the presentation of…
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Joliet Il Traffic and CDL Defense Lawyer

Hire a DUI attorney

A DUI conviction can lead to the permanent revocation of your driver’s license, and in some situations, jail time.  You need an experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer on your side. The O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates attorneys have represented clients in the the most difficult of cases, including DUI’s.  The O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates DUI lawyer is…
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Juvenile defense attorney

Are you charged with a misdemeanor?

Being charged with a misdemeanor may be a lesser criminal charge, but it can still create problems for you and can come with harsh punishments. You should have an attorney defending you. You need the strongest and best attorney if you are charged with a misdemeanor. The O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates are here for you.…
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real estate attorney IL

Why a Real Estate Attorney matters

Handling contract matters for real estate attorney requires experience and legal knowledge. At O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates, they pride themselves on keeping the end goal in mind while making sure our clients and real estate agents are kept updated and as involved. Whether you happen to be a first time home buyer or an experienced…
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Juvenile criminal defense attorney

Juvenile Court

Any criminal case is a traumatic, anxious, even frightening, experience for those involved – and this is heightened when it involves a juvenile. With a son or daughter facing criminal charges, both they and their immediate family are in the spotlight, and find themselves involved in a process of which they almost certainly have no…
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Experienced Trial Lawyers in IL

Has DCFS contacted you

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are duty-bound to investigate claims of abuse or neglect. These allegations can be reported by a variety of sources such as a teacher, neighbor, or even a family member. No matter the substance or truth of such allegations, it’s vital to make sure you have legal advice…
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Welcome To Attorney Haley Graf

O’Dekirk, Allred & Associates, LLC is proud to welcome Attorney Hayley Graf to our firm! Hayley is a lifelong resident of Will County and a first-generation attorney in her family. She graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies. She graduated with the…
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Real Estate Lawyer Joliet IL

Do I need a real estate attorney?

Purchasing real estate is a huge investment that requires a professional attorney for a successful transaction. Unfortunately, many home buyers believe they can buy property without the help of a real estate attorney. Hiring a real estate attorney is vital since it ensures your rights aren’t jeopardized, and nothing goes wrong. They also provide invaluable…
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