Defense Attorney in Joliet Illinois

How a criminal attorney can help you

A criminal attorney is an expert who deals with issues surrounding criminal investigation, charges, sentencing, arrest, and appeals. If a hefty fine or long jail term is staring at you, then it is prudent to hire an experienced criminal attorney. Below is how a criminal attorney can help you.

Negotiate your plea

A competent criminal attorney can negotiate your plea with the prosecution team. This can help eliminate some charges levied against you.

Prove that your case lacks criminal intent

Many people get arrested for mistakes they made to protect themselves. A good criminal lawyer can prove to the jury that the criminal offense was made under a reasonable mistake of fact.

Uncover police misconduct

Some police usually commit misconduct during their initial investigations. For instance, the police can coerce some witnesses to provide false testimony. A good criminal attorney can help uncover police misconduct.

Are you searching for a competent criminal attorney? If yes, then give us a call. Our experienced criminal attorney will work around the clock to ensure that all criminal charges levied against you are dropped or help you get a reduced jail term.

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